North Carolina CBD & Low THC Oil

In 2014 North Carolina enacted House Bill 1220, or the North Carolina Epilepsy Alternative Treatment Act, which created an extremely limited pilot program administered through the state’s university system. The law allows patients who have been diagnosed by a neurologist that is affiliated with a state-licensed hospital as having intractable epilepsy that has failed to respond to at least three other treatment options.

Who can possess CBD oil in North Carolina?

North Carolina’s very narrow law only allows CBD oil or low THC oil use by patients who suffer from severe, intractable seizures. The oil may be acquired by the patient’s caregiver, who must be a parent, guardian or legal custodian. In order to comply with North Carolina law the oil must only be purchased from a state that grants reciprocity for medical marijuana registrations, meaning it is almost impossible to legally obtain and use cannabis oil in North Carolina.

What kind of cannabis oil is legal in North Carolina?

In order to comply with North Carolina law low THC oil must contain greater than 5% CBD (cannabidiol) and less than .9% THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) and must be lab certified.