Florida CBD & Low THC Oil

In 2014 the state of Florida enacted SB 1030, a CBD/Low THC Oil law which created a cannabis oil registry system for patients with limited medical conditions. Due to multiple lawsuits and other legal issues the state of Florida still struggles to get medicine into the hands of qualified patients.

Who can possess cannabis oil in Florida?

Patients who suffer from cancer, severe and persistent muscle spasms and seizure disorders are eligible to be added to the Compassionate Use Registry by a licensed physician. In order to qualify patients must be permanent residents of Florida (strange in a state with so many snow birds), and patients under the age of 18 require two physician recommendations in order to be eligible to legally use low THC oil.

What kind of cannabis oil is allowed in Florida?

SB 1030 sets a maximum limit on THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) of 0.8% and requires that the cannabis oil contain at least 10% CBD (cannabidiol).

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