Patient Stories

From the husband of an Alzheimer’s patient

I am the husband of an Alzheimer’s Patient. My wife is only 61 years old! It is hard to put into words how grateful I am to Copper Mountain and the 4:1 ratio coconut oil tincture. I am also grateful to Jody Mitchell from Alabama who was so instrumental in, not only getting the law past, but for directing me to Copper Mountain for Help!

THERE WAS NO HOPE! Hospice had told me, because of her inability to swallow, that we had about 4 months left in this very long and painful 9 year battle and that I needed to get our affairs in order. Kathy’s doctors said they did not object to the use of CBD Oil but knew nothing about it, did not know a reputable source to get it from, and had no idea what formula or dosage to work with.

Look at my wife in the picture. She is the most wonderful woman I have ever met and the best wife any man could ask for! The last year has been the most challenging after moving into Stage 7 of this terrible disease! At that point they are totally dependent on the caregiver (me) and doesn’t even know she had a husband or what his name was. Didn’t matter, I had vowed that she would never see the inside of a nursing home as long as i was drawing a breath! In fact, it is an Honor to take care of her 24/7! I had also promised her, i would never quit searching for anything that would help. So, at this stage my options were certainly running out. I was down to CBD Oil, which I knew little about or an Embrionc Stem Cell Implant which is extremely expensive, about $50,000, and may not even begin to work. The choice of course was a no brainier. Try CBD Oil First!

THE RESULTS: I am an optimistic person by nature, but i have to admit that, I wasn’t sure how 20 drops of stuff out of a little bottle was going to replace a whole basket of drugs, that did not accomplish a thing without triggering other problems, which they have a pill for also! Anyway Saturday morning that little bottle came in the mail. I had not given my wife her morning medication yet which I had to crush and the fight to get down her. So, I decided we would just drop the Depakote cold turkey and not give the Hydrocodone unless she indicated she was in pain. that morning she was having slight Myoclonic sezuires, which was usual.

Four hours after giving her the 4:1 Tincture there were no more jerks. That was almost 4 days ago and she has not had as much as a twitch since that time. She also has not needed any kind of pain medication! Things started happening that the doctors said was not possible. Her mental clarity has become amazing. She started talking again and has not shut up since. Music to my ears ! She has not been able to talk very much at all. It is like she has all things she has wanted to say stored up in her head and is finally able to get it out. I can understand about 70 % of it right now and it improves every day. That is just a very, very small sample of what is happening here. I could go on for another 1,00 0 words but i won’t. If you want to know more of the changes going own just message me and I will share my phone number with you. I am excited beyond myself ..THERE IS HOPE!

By The Way, I was walking thru the living room Sunday and Kathy said, “Hey Robert…..I Love You Baby”

Hope for Cerebral Palsy


This is Jackson he has spastic Cerebral Palsy and a rare bone inflammatory disease called CRMO a week ago he began thc oil and two days ago I added ginger root extract(an anti inflammatory agent) today for the very first time in his life he managed steps unassisted and jumped for the very first time in his little life 🙂 tears of joy!!!

Read more about Jackson’s journey here and don’t miss the video below!

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Low THC oil and PTSD

Using the oils to treat PTSD and Fibro. A friend had gave me a bottle and in 10 days I haven’t had a nightmare. It’s not so much helping with fibromyalgia systems, yet, but I am sleeping better. In 40 years I haven’t went 10 days with no nightmares. I find myself trying not to hope. It’s crazy. I have had hope in different things and been disappointed. But here I am sleeping better and feeling less anxious. Wow!


Just wanted you guys to know, my mom is trying the coconut tincture for COPD. Day 5 and she’s walking faster and further before getting winded. Can’t thank you guys enough. I have very high hopes for what this can do for her!

Relief from the severe pain of RSD/CRPS

I use this 4:1 tincture about 2-3 times a day right now and i just got it about two weeks ago. I am currently at around 10 drops a dose and it has been wonderful! I have had RSD/CRPS for going on 5 yrs now and this is finally giving me some relief to my feet from the burning nerve pain!! I am also using the vape pen along with the salve im just playing around trying to find what works for me right now, but so far I am so impressed and finally feeling like there is hope!

Multiple Sclerosis and Mitochondrial Disease

I suffer from MS and mitochondrial disease, and I truly have not slept for more than 3 to 4 hours straight since I got sick 3 years ago. I took a leap of faith a bought these caps, the first night I slept 6 hours straight with no pain, afraid it was a fluke I tried them again, the second night the same thing 6 hours of peaceful sleep! I’m in love! I say take a leap of faith and try them! I’ll be a life longer user of these!😃😃