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About Our Products

grow-update-1All of our products are completely organic. We grow using only babies from powerful Mother plants. We are involved in all aspects of the Grow. No one touches our plants but us. A Grow takes approximately 7 months, from babies planted in the earth’s soil to harvest. To get the very best medicine out of our plants, tender care is given every day. Once harvested, these robust flowers are dried by the rays of the sun.

About our CO2 Extracts

CBD CO2 extractionThe CO2 extraction process is expensive. The equipment to run the process is out of reach for most Collectives. We did extensive research to find the best company to take our potent cannabis flowers and produce concentrated oil. We did not want a company that mass produces oils. We did not want a company that processes high THC oils, for fear if the equipment wasn’t fully cleaned, residue from the THC run may get in our oil. We needed to be sure no fillers, chlorophyll or toxins were anywhere near or used in the process. Because of our strict requirements, it took a while but we found a small 2 man company that fit our needs perfectly.
Alternatives to CO2 extraction include chemical solvents, such as butane, hexane and isopropyl alcohol. While solvent extraction can often be less expensive, the process can leave behind residual toxins that can cause harm when ingested. Other C02 extracted oils on the market are made from industrial hemp. These oils are about 11%-17% CBD. Our C02 extracted oil is 60% CBD and less than 5% THC (600 mg per gram of CBD)

cbd cannabis oilAs we all know from experience, you get what you pay for. There are products on the market that are cheaper than ours. There are claims being made all over the internet, which is not backed up by test results. There is labeling on products that do not tell you about the cannabis strains used, what part of the plant was used to make the product or if harmful toxins were used in the process.

All our products are authentic. Our tests are reliable and trustworthy. We know what goes in every product we make and therefore YOU do. No shake, stems or seeds are added to any of our products. All our products are made with the flower of the plant. We do not cut corners. We use top of the line ingredients to make our alcohol based tinctures, infusion oil (tincture), topical salve and vape pen cartridges.