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Indiana May Pass Limited CBD Oil Law for Seizure Patients

Indiana Epilepsy patients could soon be allowed to treat their seizures with CBD oil that contains low levels of THC if a bill recently approved by the Indiana House of Representatives becomes law.

The measure, which handily passed the House with a 98-0 vote, is the first marijuana-related bill to receive any sort of consideration inside the Republican-dominated Indiana General Assembly. The same bill was given the green light last week by the full Senate and now goes to the governor for either his signature or a veto.

Indiana lawmakers have long pushed back on efforts to legalize any form of medical marijuana. Supporters of the bill say say that its approval shows a big shift in attitudes after several years of medical marijuana bills being introduced and failing in the Indiana legislature.

If the bill passes it would allow the use of low THC CBD oil for Indiana patients who suffer from seizure disorders, and who have received approval from their doctor. Though the bill is a far cry from a comprehensive medical marijuana program supporters say it will make a difference in patients lives today, and hope that they will be able to use its success as a springboard to future conversations about expanding the program.

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  • Twana Tygart says:

    Why only for certain patients? Why not for pain or Parkinson’s or anyone else who needs it. You act like someone might actually get relief! Legalise MM!

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