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Etsy Shuts Down Majority of CBD Oil Merchants

Etsy, the well-known shopping site used by thousands of artisans around the country to sell their hand-made goods, has shut down the vast majority of merchants that were using their platform to sell CBD oil.

Though Etsy has maintained a strict no-THC policy for the last several months it had been “looking the other way” (for the most part) on products marketed by merchants as hemp-based CBD. Apparently they had a change of heart sometime Wednesday and began turning the lights out on CBD merchants en masse.

This is bad news for thousands of patients who have been able to make a connection with reputable suppliers or caregivers via this unique e-commerce platform and who have come to depend on CBD products they have found on there. But it’s probably just another in a long line of wishy-washy policies Etsy has chosen to enforce at one time or another, like they did with the weed nuns. So if Etsy’s history of neurotically choosing which policies to enforce and when continues they’ll probably change their minds again next week.

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  • Kevin Hansen says:

    I don’t understand why they are doing this. They are getting as bad as amazon and ebay now. They will allow sellers to sell cheap plastic cell phone cases which are made in China, not handmade, but won’t allow safe handmade cbd oil products.

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