From the husband of an Alzheimer’s patient

I am the husband of an Alzheimer’s Patient. My wife is only 61 years old! It is hard to put into words how grateful I am to Copper Mountain and the 4:1 ratio coconut oil tincture. I am also grateful to Jody Mitchell from Alabama who was so instrumental in, not only getting the law past, but for directing me to Copper Mountain for Help!

THERE WAS NO HOPE! Hospice had told me, because of her inability to swallow, that we had about 4 months left in this very long and painful 9 year battle and that I needed to get our affairs in order. Kathy’s doctors said they did not object to the use of CBD Oil but knew nothing about it, did not know a reputable source to get it from, and had no idea what formula or dosage to work with.

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